As Phonic doesn't make flight cases, and we currently don't have any plans to begin producing such cases, we can only suggest that any flight case based on a regular

The Studio Wizard needs to be plugged in and turned on for any of the routing to occur.

When connecting 4 speakers to the RoadGear, the total loading for each power amplifier channel should not be lower than 4 ohms. Therefore, the impedance of each speaker should be 8 ohms or greater.

Sonic Station 16 has 8 direct outputs - one each on channels 1 through 8. They are unbalanced 1/4" TS jacks, which send the signal post-fader, post-EQ, post-Low-cut filter, post-Mute.

You can use the AM/MU series mini stereo jack (not featured on all models) for the mixer-PC connection. You may also purchase an appropriate y-cable with RCA plugs on one end (to connect to your Rec out) and a single mini-stereo plug on the other (to connect to your computer).

You would connect the EFX or AUX send of the mixer to the input of your effects unit and the output of the effects unit to the EFX or AUX return on the mixer. If you want to get only the effected sound returned ,