When using stationary microphones, which will tend to cause feedback with fixed frequencies, use Single Shot mode to detect feedback frequencies and lock the frequencies until you reset them yourself.

The preamp of the T8100 is transparent, and users are able to get a 'vintage' and warm sound from it (warmth is variable; you can select cool or warm, or anywhere in between, with one control). Also, the T8100 is perfectly suited to be used before a guitar amplifier or vocals alike.

Connect the microphone to your mixer, then the mixer to your i7100. The outputs of the i7100 can then be connected to an amp and speakers (or you may also like to connect the i7100 to a channel insert, if its easier).

Q: Would your Wireless Transmitter (WM60) connect to any 19" Mixer or will it only work with one of your mixers? To integrate more than one Performer speaker into my current mobile setup, what Wireless Modules do I need?

The PPC Power Conditioner should work fine. It has a 10 amp rating, so you should first work out how many amps you need before starting. If your devices do draw more than 10 amps, the circuit breaker will trip. Otherwise, you're fine.

The i7600s RTA function measures the channel 1 and 2 inputs at a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz / second. The individual frequencies are separated as indicated on the front panel (listed horizontally), and the last bar of each channels RTA is known as the all column (meaning it displays all frequencies signals together).