Q: How would I hook up a processor to my MU/AM mixer so that it allows me to get just the processed sound and not the original?

Any generic foot switches with momentary contact (ie. non-latching type) will be suitable for the Powerpod Mixer. Roland/BOSS offer the FS-5U is a momentary unlatching footswitch. Phonic does not currently manufacture footswitches.

Our sound systems can be friend, or seem like foe. As worship leaders, praise musicians, or pastors, we are usually entirely dependent on acoustic technology, and the faithful and courageous folks who do their best to manage sound every week. One of the recurring frustrations can be unintended noise such as speaker hiss or feedback (the f word in sound management circles). If you never have any howling acoustic feedback loops,

There are a few things you must ensure to get the effect processor to work. First, make sure the channels effect send knob is set to an acceptable degree (preferably in the middle). Secondly,

Q: Does the PM 801 have individual OUTPUTS (for each channel) that are controlled by the LEVEL?

A: The PM801 has a main output, as well as an RCA pre-fader output that equally mixes the signal from all inputs,

While it won't necessarily damage the mixer, a latching pedal will not work with the built-in digital effect processors of the Powerpod, MU, AM and other series' of mixers. It is not advised that customers use such pedals.