Q: Im very interested in the 442D, because I need a little mixer. Im producing with just a Laptop, 2 Synths and turntables so my Question is: Is it possible to prelisten the audio signal on Channel 1 via Headphone (Fader is low!) while Ch. 2 is on full volume? Normally this is a typical feature on DJ-Mixers, but I just want to have 1 mixer.

A few messages have reached us, and weve discovered that certain Powerpod 620s were shipped with the Digital Effect Processor in stand-by mode (obvious by the 2 small flashing lights within the EFX display).

As the Powerpod 408 only has one power amplifier, there is no difference between connecting the speakers individually or both to one output. In essence, connecting two speakers individually is the same as connecting two speakers in parallel.

The Powerpod 1860 Deluxe, K-12 and K-16 all have a headphone output with its own volume control, while models from the Powerpod 1062 Deluxe and below do not.

Q: Will the adjustments I make on the Powerpod K-12s main EQ be applied to the mono output?

Follow the instructions below to hear individual input channels through your headphones or control room monitors. Depending on your model, however, these steps may vary slightly.