6 Channel 240 Watt Mixer/Amplifier


6 input channels, each with volume control
4120 or 240 Watt amplifier output through screw terminals
44 mic/line inputs channels with independent phantom power and trim 42 stereo (summed mono) AUX inputs
4Bass and treble controls available on master output
4Signal and peak indicators for monitoring output signal
4Remote VCA or VOX mute capabilities
4VCA assignable to Channel 6 (for BGM) or Master mix
4Zone 2 MOH output with selectable input assignment

For commercial installations and set ups, the Asystems GA series of mixer/amplifiers provide the power and precision necessary for a flawless system. Offering a myriad of professional inputs possibilities and flexible output modes including 70V and 100V, the GA series of mixer/amplifiers is perfect for background music, broadcast paging, as well as on-hold music for offices, restaurants, factories and churches. The GA6120 provide a total of 6 inputs with a 120W amplifier output. The GA6240 provide a total of 6 inputs with two 120W amplifier outputs. Each GA mixer/amplifier also features an individual level control on each input, voice activated muting, music on hold output, and bass and treble controls.