Q: Would your Wireless Transmitter (WM60) connect to any 19" Mixer or will it only work with one of your mixers? To integrate more than one Performer speaker into my current mobile setup, what Wireless Modules do I need?

A: The WM60 mono wireless transmitter can be used in conjunction with any mixer without a problem (as long as the signal isn't active, of course). The WM-SYS2 wireless kit is a good option for a set up with two performer speakers, as this will allow you to send a stereo signal to the left and right speakers. The kit comes with the WM70 transmitter and two WM-40 receivers (one for left, one for right). If you've already got the WM-60 transmitter (which sends out a mono signal), you can actually just buy a second WM-40 receiver and you get a dual mono system. Any number of receivers can be used, provided they're within the transmission area.