Axis 20V



Two-Way Line Array and Subwoofer

2x NL4 connected in parallel
Passive operation
High performance and crystal clear reproduction
Faithful dynamic response and great range
Integrated rigging system for ground stacking and flown configurations
Rugged and durable 15mm birch plywood construction
Finished with special Polyurea paint, waterproof and resistant to erosion and degradation
Touring sound reinforcement for small and mid-sized venues

The Phonic Axis series combines incredibly attractive looks with power and efficiency that is virtually unrivaled by any other line
array series on market. From Dual 10" two-way to 18" subwoofers, these specially designed line arrays feature amazing power
handling abilities, as well as frequency response ranges remarkable by any standard. Professional speakon NL4 connectors are
included. The hanging system is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, which is exceptionally weather resistant, simple and
easy to build, and can be hung, stacked, and utilized in conjunction with many speakers. All of these characteristics, together with
the power-to-cost ratio, make the complete Axis Series a valuable investment for anyone who wants their sound to be heard.
Without a doubt, your Axis line array system will prove to be a worthwhile investment.


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