How many channels can I record with the Summit's FireWire/USB option?

The Summit's optional FireWire / USB card will allow users to record 16 channels on their computer. This means that each individual input channel can be recorded (pre-fader, pre-EQ,

pre-dynamics, pre-delay; post-gain) to the computer for a multi-track recording. Users are able to use such popular recording programs as Cubase, Nuendo, SoundForge, Sonar, Reason, Logic, Audacity, GarageBand and so on, and so forth...

Users are also able to return each of their recorded signals back to the Summit for monitoring. That is, each individual mix can be monitored via the channel, or users can group mixes on the computer and send these back to an individual channel to make use of the various functions available (in a studio setting this can be exceptionally useful).

So, in short, you can send 16 channels to the computer and return 16 back to the mixer; hence the name of the FireWire/USB option: "16x16".