Digital Matrix Processor


i8800: 8 analog audio inputs and 8 analog audio outputs (Line/Mic inputs)
i1616: 16 analog audio inputs and 16 analog audio outputs (Line/Mic inputs)
Optional Dante 4 x 4 network modules are available
Each microphone input has nine adjustable sensitivity levels
32-bit DSP
24-bit 48kHz AD/DA conversion
System latency less than 1ms
Auto mix function
AFC active feedback suppression
AFC adaptive active noise cancellation
AEC adaptive acoustic echo cancellation
RS232/485 interface,
GPIO extended control interface
Support TCP/IP multiple machine centralized management and debugging, configuration

PHONIC's i series of digital matrix processors provide high-quality audio performance even under the most demanding conditions. The entire series was designed with contractors in mind, from the versatile phoenix inputs to the short learning curve of the PHONIC TCP/IP control software.Each system includes a variety of signal processors built right into the internal DSP,such as AFC active feedback suppession, ANC adaptive active noise cancellation, and AEC adaptive acoustic echo cancellation, as well as powerful multi-band graphic and parametric EQs,versatile variablegain amplifiers, and nine adjustable mic input sensitivity levels, among many other features. PHONIC engineers created powerful algorithms that consistently produce high-quality signal processing, backed by an amazing 32-bit floating/fixed point processor, making any of the DMP series invaluable to any installation.

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