4 x 4 Dante Networking Option


8 x 8 Dante Networking Option

PHONIC offers four audio networking options for Network- enabled devices including the DMP, DMA and NT series. These PHONIC products, combined with any of these Networking solutions, provides flexible, large-scale operation in all modern commercial installations. Dante Networking cards are available as standard on "D" models of the DMP, DMA and NT series.

DMP8800DMP808DMP801DMP81DMA SeriesNT Series

The Dante expansion option allows flexible audio networking on PHONIC various multi-channel matrix products. Any of the PHONIC’ Dante-enabled products can be connected via network to allow up to 16 independent tracks of audio to be sent to and from the device.

Audio networking is matrix controlled through Windows- and OSX-based controller software, available for free through the Audinate website. Each individual Dante-enabled unit is automatically identified by the software and can have any of the available Network mixes assigned to the available Network Inputs.

In addition to routing of network mixes, the PHONIC matrix devices support the Dante Virtual Soundcard. This software (available for purchase from Audinate) provides a means to incorporate digital audio directly from the computer. It further allows multi-track recording to be performed directly on the computer.

Setup 1: Daisy-Chaining

Setup 2: Router

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