AM 220


AM 220


Two balanced Mic/Line inputs with 3-band EQ
Two stereo inputs with 3-band EQ
One stereo AUX return
Post-fader EFX send on every input
Global +48V phantom power
Peak and VU Metering
Peak indicators on each mono input channel
2T RTN assignable individually to Main or Control room
Stereo AUX send cue for ease of monitoring individual channel
Balanced master output with 60mm fader control

The AM Series Mixers are compact and versatile with anywhere between 5 and 24 mono Mic/Line and stereo inputs. Ultra low noise pre-amps ensure high quality sound when used in project studios or sound reinforcement. Low-cut filters on mono channels eliminate unwanted sounds like stage rumble, P-pops, wind noise and low frequency recording studio room resonances. The multi-band EQ on mono channels gives you total control over your mix. The AM series also makes monitoring the mix easy with its dual multi-segment LED level meters and high volume headphone outputs.