DMP8800 / DMP8800D

PHONIC’ DMP series of digital matrix processors and auto-mixers provide quality audio performance under the most strenuous of conditions. The entire series was designed with contractors in mind – from the versatile euroblock inputs to the quick learning-curve of the PHONIC control software. Each system comes with a variety of signal processors built right into the internal DSP, which could include flexible compressor/limiters, powerful multi-band graphic and parametric EQs, versatile variable-gain amplifiers, lightning-fast feedback silencers, and many, many more. PHONIC engineers designed powerful algorithms that produce high-quality signal processing every-time, backed by an amazing 40-bit floating point processor (dependent on the model), making any of the DMP series invaluable to any installation.

PHONIC introduces the DMP8800 (8x8), a unique digital matrix processor that boasts ‘simple integration’ to your existing system. The DMP8800 is built from the ground up on a powerful, open platform. This digital matrix processor transcends all limitations in scope, performance, and usability that tend to mar other network audio control systems.

Essentially, the DMP8800 software provides a means to achieve your project’s goals, regardless of the requirements. Rock-solid performance is backed by brilliant processing that is sure to enhance any audio you may throw at it. All of this combines to make the DMP8800 an ideal solution for boardrooms, conferences, convention centers, houses of worship, legislative installations, performing arts, stadiums and arenas, theme parks and transportation facilities.

8 onboard inputs through balanced Euroblock and RCA connectors
8 balanced outputs through 3-pin euroblock connectors
8x8 digital matrix processor
Stand-alone control possible with
monitor and mouse (VGA + USB ports)
44.1 kHz or 48kHz sample rate
SD card slot for audio playback
Remote user control through PC

DSP Processing:
• Automatic Mixing
• Compressor/Limiter
• Feedback Silencer
• 4-band EQs
• 2- and 3-way Crossover • Automatic level Control • Program Intuitive Ducker
Scene recall feature for recalling all system settings

Event scheduling
Dynamic level ducking
Real-time performance monitoring 
AES/EBU input and output
BNC Word Clock input and output
Signal generator (white noise, pink noise, sine wave, etc)
DMP8800D features the 8x8 Dante
Expansion option

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