DMX 1502


DMX 1502

2×400W 8Ω Class-AB Power Amplifier

Rated Power per channel at 4Ω: 320 Watts (DMX 802)
Rated Power per channel at 4Ω: 560 Watts (DMX 1502)
Rated Power per channel at 4Ω: 1190 Watts (DMX 2502)
Rated Power per channel at 4Ω: 1850 Watts (DMX 5002)
DMX 802 and 1502 (Class AB Amplifiers)
DMX 2502 and 5002 (Class D Amplifiers)
Signal and Clip LED indicators to monitor performance
Speakon outputs
Protection circuitry prevents damage from short circuit, thermal, sensitivity, overload protection, output DC offset, soft start protection, and limiting protection

Taking advantage of its huge heat sink as well as its variable speed fan that auto-adjusts fan speed depending on the
temperature of the machine during operation, Phonic DMX series power amplifiers are always able to perform. Its
professional quality output and its sturdy case design make this unit great for various locations like churches, concert tours,
stages, or any place that requires amplifier installation.


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