NT1304 / NT1304D

4x4 520 Network DSP Power Amplifier

4-channel amplifier – 130 watts per channel
4 ohm and constant voltage models available (70V or 100V)

Sophisticated matrix mixing (4x4)
4 balanced 3-pin euroblock line inputs
4 2-pin euroblock speaker outputs
Extensive signal processing
Remote user control through PC
Internal 48 kHz sample rate
24-bit A/D D/A conversion
DSP Processing:
• Automatic Mixing
• Limiters
• 10-band EQs
• 2- and 3-way Crossovers
• Output Delay
Password protected user accounts
NT1304D and NT2504D feature the 4x4 Dante
Networking Expansion

Power Output Per ChannelAuto-MixingDante
8Ω / 4Ω70V/100V
NT 1304 (4x4)80W / 130W130WYesOptional
NT 2504 (4x4)
150W / 250W
Brand URL : NT1304