DMA8413 / DMA8413D

8x4 520 Watt Digital Matrix Amplifier

4-channel amplifier – 130 watts per channel
4 ohm and constant voltage models available (70V or 100V)

Power OutputPer Channel Dante
8Ω / 4Ω70V/100V
DMA8413 (8x4)80W / 130W130WOptional

Low-Z and constant voltage models sold separately.

8-in x 4-out sophisticated matrix mixing 
8 built-in mic preamplifiers
Dual RCA and balanced euroblock inputs
Stereo inputs summed to mono
Four 2-pin euroblock speaker outputs
Stand-alone control with monitor and mouse with VGA and USB connectors
Remote user control through PC
44.1 kHz or 48kHz sample rate
24-bit A/D D/A conversion
+48V phantom power
Event scheduling

DSP Processing:
• Automatic Mixing
• Compressor/Limiter • Feedback Silencer
• 31-band GEQs
• 4-band PEQs
• Crossover
• Automatic level Control • Program Intuitive Ducker
SD card slot
AES / EBU input and output
Word Clock input and output

External control via Phonic wall remotes
Password protected user accounts
Scene recall feature for recalling all system settings
Signal generator (white noise, pink noise, sine wave)
Real-time error notifications via email reporting function
DMA8413D feature 4x4 Dante Expansion option