There has been some confusion over the ZX zone mixers ducking depth function lately. Many people have been wondering why their microphones do not work when trying to use this function.

Customers who need a replacement / new power supply for an AM, MU, MM mixer can contact the distributor in their country. They should be able to offer an appropriate replacement supply.

The Powerpod K-12, K-16 and 1860 Deluxe all featured what are referred to as combo jacks. These jacks are able to accept both XLR microphone inputs and 1/4 phone jacks.

There are two necessary parts for the RoadGear to run on battery power:

Q: The manual for my mixer advises that disconnecting the ring-pin will prevent damage to the mixer from sending unbalanced signals from the main outputs. How do I do this?

Q: Im very interested in the 442D, because I need a little mixer. Im producing with just a Laptop, 2 Synths and turntables so my Question is: Is it possible to prelisten the audio signal on Channel 1 via Headphone (Fader is low!) while Ch. 2 is on full volume? Normally this is a typical feature on DJ-Mixers, but I just want to have 1 mixer.