DUAL-Channel Wireless Microphone System

* Rugged metal chassis with soft-touch controls.
* Automatic Frequency Selection provides a straight shot to a clear channel.
* Transmitter Sync.
* 300 selectable frequencies across 30MHz bandwidth.
* OLED display screen delivers a bright, clear viewing in day/night environments.
* Equipped with both XLR balanced and Ø6.3mm unbalanced outputs.
* Special intended for exquisite KTV rooms, classrooms and houses of worship.

The new Phonic PCT-1100 dual channel wireless microphone systems are the culmination of years of experience in both wired and wireless
technologies. Take part of the headache out of your live setups by incorporating one of these fantastically simple wireless microphone systems.
Each system offers level switches allowing contouring of output signals to external devices, whether they be professional mixing consoles or
consumer-grade recording products. Utilizing UHF for maximum range and PLL-synthesized technology for RF stability, the Phonic wireless
microphone systems allow you to unleash your live performances like never before.