Wireless Instrument system

  • Simple plug-and-play design for immediate and easy operation
  • Single channel operation for use with one wireless transmitter system
  • One unbalanced ¼" TS output jack
  • Advanced diversity circuitry helps to improve stability and avoid dropouts
  • Front panel RF and AF metering for system and performance monitoring
  • Front panel sensitivity controls for adjusting incoming mic signals
  • Broad channel range makes multiple systems ideal for use at any one time
  • Rear-panel +10, 0, -6 dB switch for contouring level to input devices
  • Flexible noise squelch technology for clear, noise-free performances every time
  • Auto-Scan Frequency function establishes the connection between the transmitter and the receiver in a snap of fingers

Designed uniquely to "liberate" active acoustic music instrument musicians, WI-800 Single-Channel Lavalier Wireless Microphone System is the best plug-and-play solution.

WI800 adopts PLL (Phase-locked loops) synchronization, auto mute and other advanced technologies and features a LEVEL switch (-6/0/+10), RF/AF indicators and SENSITIVITY knobs to offer a intuitional worry-free and plug-n'-play user experience and make every performance excellent and perfect.

Furthermore, the Auto-Scan Frequency function allows the connection between the transmitter and the receiver is established via the 16 preset frequencies, just button pressing is required, in a snap of fingers.

The included battery-powered (2 AA batteries) beltpack transmitters features a MUTE button, offering the maximum stage management quality and flexibility during the event. And the microphone delivers excellent sound quality for applications where the microphone is required be virtually invisible, such as acoustic music instrument like acoustic guitar, violin, saxophone or percussion...etc.