Professional Wideband True Diversity Wireless Microphone System

  • Run up to 48 microphones interference-free in a single venue, maximum 10 channels per group at a time
  • 29 preset channel groups plus one user-defined group, 16 channels per group (432 channels total)
  • Clear display offers frequency information for ultimate control over transmission
  • Rapid auto-scan syncing with transmitters for easy, immediate operation
  • Balanced and unbalanced output through XLR and ¼" TRS phone jacks
  • Advanced diversity circuitry helps to improve stability and avoid dropouts
  • Broad channel range makes multiple systems ideal for use at any one time
  • Rear-panel +10, 0, -6 dB switch for contouring level to input devices
  • Stable performance even in the event that multiple units or channels are used
  • Detachable diversity antennas for flexible setup and installation
  • Transmitters feature LCD screens with battery and frequency monitoring/control
  • Perfect for Karaoke (KTV) bars and live stage performances Two WM-X Handheld Microphone with LCD included

Large-scale venues that need up to 48 microphones require a somewhat sophisticated setup. The new Phonic PCT-3000 dual channel wireless microphone systems allow users to search over 29 preset channel groups and set up a single user-definable group, with 432 independent usable channels, allowing for the cleanest transmission possible. Up to 48 microphones can be used at one time in a single venue (dependent on venue conditions) while a maximum of 10 channels can be used in each channel group. The PCT-3000 receiver provides an ultra-wide bandwidth of 72MHz that provides flawless operation, while the WM-X handheld microphones deliver on reliability, durability and flexibility. Phonic also offers WL-X and WH-X wireless bodypacks with lavalier and headset microphones. Utilizing UHF for maximum range and PLL-synthesized technology for RF stability, the Phonic PCT-3000 wideband wireless microphone systems are the logical choice for boardrooms, houses of worship, lecture halls and live bands in any sized venue.


PCT-3000 Manual (5,932 Kb) [Download]

PCT 3000 Datasheet (23 Kb) [Download]