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Dual Channel Diversity Lavalier Wireless Microphone System

  • Simple plug-and-play design for immediate and easy operation
  • Two Channel number displays
  • Dual channel operation for use with one wireless transmitter system
  • Two Balanced ¼" TRS and two XLR output jacks
  • Advanced diversity circuitry helps to improve stability and avoid dropouts
  • Front panel RF and AF metering for system and performance monitoring
  • Front panel sensitivity controls for adjusting incoming mic signals
  • Rear-panel +10, 0, -6 dB switch for contouring level to input devices
  • Run up to 12 units interference-free in a single venue
  • Effective range up to 60 meters/200 feet
  • Auto-Scan Frequency function establishes the connection between the transmitter and the receiver in a snap of fingers

PCT-1000 Dual-Channel Wireless Microphone Systems are the best solution for presentation applications such as demonstration, lecture, speech, worship or live drama where two presenters or lecturers are required. The PCT-1000 offers flexible one-touch setup, allowing transmitter and receiver units to be linked up in a matter of seconds. With 16 preset channels, the PCT-1000 can provide flawless performance in even the harshest of conditions.

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