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Handheld Audio Analyzer

  • 31-band Real Time Spectrum Analyzer
  • RT60 reverb time measurement
  • SPL meter from 30 dB to 130 dB
  • Built-in calibrated measurement microphone
  • Phase check function
  • 31-band EQ setting value display (Boost/Cut)
  • 4 standard response times available
  • 3 power modes: (1) Power Save (2) Manual off (3) Off
  • Line signal measurement display in dBu, dBV, or Volts (AC)
  • 3 level range selection for dB SPL and line signal
  • SPL meter calibration through standard 94dB sound level calibrator
  • Maximum level display
  • Peak hold display
  • Adapter operation available
  • 7 hours of continuous operation with four AA batteries
  • Memory and average calculation function
  • XLR input for line measurements and output sockets for signal generator output
  • Signal generator with pink noise, 1 kHz and polarity test signals built-in
  • Audio test signals and desktop control software available through the Phonic website

Right alongside a flashlight and duct tape, no serious audio engineer should go anywhere without the Phonic PAA3 in their back pocket. This handheld audio analyzer is resoundingly accurate and features an array of different tools, including a 31-band real-time spectrum analyzer, reverb time analyzer, sound pressure and line level meter, internal signal generator, EQ setting calculations, microphone calibration, and speaker phase checking abilities. All functions and menus are controlled through central jog dials, so your other hand is free to adjust audio settings. A built-in USB interface allows for easy data upload and download, as well as the option of real-time PC operation. A large LCD backlit display provides visibility in any environment, and 4 AA batteries provide 7 hours worth of power – assuring the PAA3 is always ready when you need it.


User's Manual (English / Español) (3,145 Kb) [Download]

Bedienungsanleitung (Deutsch) (1,398 Kb) [Download]

用手册 (简体中文) (1,783 Kb) [Download]

Data Sheet (English) (488 Kb) [Download]

PAA3 Windows Software (5,982 Kb) [Download]

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