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Active 8" 3-Way Line Array Loudspeaker

  • Line array design with variable curvature angles
  • 8" woofer and 6.5" mid-range woofer with 2" voice-coils
  • 1.4" compression tweeter with titanium diaphragm and neodymium magnets
  • Straightforward rigging system allows splay angles from 0° to 8°
  • 120° x 10° constant directivity coverage angle
  • 1136 Watt multichannel digial power amplifier
  • Onboard DSP for increased safety and application of signal processing
  • DSP features accessed through use of Phonic U-BOX adapter (sold separately)
  • PC user interface for control of volume, crossover, limiter and more (optional)
  • Exceptionally wide frequency response: 65Hz - 19KHz
  • Bass-reflex configuration for extended low-end response
  • Sturdy, multi-layer birch plywood construction with tough black coating
  • XLR input and link 'thru' connectors as standard
  • PowerCON AC power input/output

Phonic is set to revolutionize line array technology with the introduction of the KT series. The KT series consists of adaptable line array systems housed in attractive yet rugged trapezoidal enclosures. The series was designed to be easily adaptable to any situation with easy configuration, low weight and versatility being prime concerns during development.

The KT-8A is a 3-way system encompassing an 8" bass-reflex woofer, 6.5" mid-range and 1.4" compression tweeter. It features a high performance multichannel digital amplifier with 1136 Watts total output, a high-end 64-bit DSP and superior AD-DA converters.

The onboard DSP provides convenient signal processing with latency less than 600 microseconds, offering such vital functions as input/output delay, volume control, parametric equalization, crossovers, limiter, automatic temperature control and system monitoring. System control and monitoring can be accomplished through USB and Ethernet using the included PC software. Multiple units can be grouped within the software and have their properties adjusted simultaneously. DSP functions require the optional Phonic U-BOX RS-485 adapter.

Complete with a flexible rigging system allowing for splay angles anywhere between 0° and 8°, the KT series is able to provide coverage for any and every large venue. Expand your line array with multiple units and suspend for maximum coverage. PowerCON power input and link connectors allow multiple units to be powered without the need for multiple AC power cables. Please remember that setup and suspension of a line array should be done by qualified personnel only.

For a versatile, scalable system that can be flown or ground stacked – ideal for everything from theatres and concert halls to stadiums and arenas – the KT line array systems definitely fit the bill.

Optional Accessories:

  • FF640 Flight Frame
  • FC8 Flight Case
  • U-BOX RS-485 Adapter (required for DSP functions)


KT-8A User's Manual (English / Español) (8,629 Kb) [Download]

KT-8A Datasheet (English) (1,078 Kb) [Download]

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