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Jubi 12A JNR

12" Active Loudspeaker

  • 320 Watt continuous power amplifier built-in
  • 12" woofers matched with compression drivers
  • 2 channel mixer onboard with XLR, 1/4" and RCA inputs all available
  • Master 2-band EQ for ultimate control over highs and lows
  • 1/4" line output for extended operation
  • 35mm mounting points for extending coverage
  • Impact resistant polymer enclosure with internal bracings
  • Tour grade steel grille (1.2 mm)

Phonic's Jubi 12A JNR establishes a new paradigm for molded powered speakers. Jubi's 320 Watt (continuous) amplifier uses Class D technology to produce a shattering 123 dB maximum SPL, providing enough power for a wide range of venue types and sizes. A lightweight design and rugged pole mounts make the Jubi JNR the most versatile, portable active loudspeaker today. Phonic engineers designed a high BL force factor woofer and a compression tweeter to achieve the Jubi JNR's astonishingly wide sound stage and a vivid, transparent signature sound. A carefully crafted polymer enclosure with stunning vertical curvatures not only look great, but also improve acoustic accuracy by minimizing internal diffraction. Finally, reliability and durability were the paramount factor throughout the Jubi JNR's development. With 320 Watts of ground shaking power, a 2-channel on-board mixer, custom engineered transducers, and incredible versatility, the Phonic Jubi 12A JNR is a loudspeaker to be reckoned with.


Jubi 12A JNR Data Sheet (English) (921 Kb) [Download]

Jubi 12A JNR User's Manual (English / Español) (1,867 Kb) [Download]

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