SE 207
6-1/2" 2-Way Molded Speaker
USB MP3/WMA player & recorder for Safari Series
SEM 712
150W 12" 2-Way Stage Speaker
ClubX 215
15" Passive 2000 Watt Dual Woofer Stage Speaker
760 mm width Flight Frame (For KT210, KT210A, KTS18 and KTS18A)
Jubi 15A DSP
15" Active Loudspeaker with Integrated DSP
iSK 215 Deluxe
1400 Watt Dual 15" Passive 2-way Stage Speaker
18" Subwoofer System
Safari 2000 SYS2
320 Watt-3-Channel Portable PA System with on-board Wireless Microphone and CD/USB MP3 Player
10" 2-Way Passive Stage Speaker / Floor Monitor
Jubi 15AR
15" 2-Way Active Loudspeaker with USB Recorder/Playback
iSK 215A Deluxe
800 Watt Dual 15'' Active Loudspeaker