2-In, 8-Out Distribution Mixer

  • Extraordinarily low-noise 2 in, 8 out line mixer and splitter
  • Pan / balance control on each output channel for flexible routing
  • Flexible use as an output level matching preamp or DI box
  • Link in and out connectors for easy expansion of system
  • Main link button for simple linking of input channels
  • 5-segment output level meters for all channels
  • 3-segment input level meters on each the left and right inputs
  • Individual left and right volume controls on input channels
  • Rugged construction with premium components for longlasting life

Phonic's A2800 2-in, 8-out distribution mixer gives better control over every aspect of your audio. Offering two main input channels, in addition to a stereo in/out LINK, the A2800 enables your input signals to be separated and mixed to up to 8 line-level outputs with both XLR and 1/4" TRS connections available. This signal distribution magician can help solve numerous setup issues, whether you need to take advantage of the splitting function or simply use it as a line mixer, the A2800 provides clean, noise-free operation in any professional live and commercial installation.


A2800 User's Manual (English / Español) (2,716 Kb) [Download]

A2800 Datasheet (English) (904 Kb) [Download]