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Powerpod 740 R

440W 7-Channel Powered Mixer with DFX and USB Recorder

  • 2 x 220W / 4 ohm dual power amplifiers for Main or Main/Monitor (Bridge mono, 440W / 8 ohm)
  • 32/40-bit digital multi-effect processor with 16 programs plus parameter control
  • Seven balanced Mic inputs
  • 10 Line inputs
  • Two super Hi-Z inputs optimized for direct instrument input
  • 3-band channel EQ
  • Dual 7-band graphic equalizers with In/Out switches for Main L/R or Main/Monitor
  • Rumble filters for Mic inputs
  • Pad control on channels 1-4
  • One AUX input
  • Monitor and effect sends on each input channel
  • +48V phantom power on channels 1 through 4
  • Two built-in limiters
  • Rec out with trim control for record level matching
  • Mains power switchable between 115 VAC and 230 VAC

The Phonic Powerpod R Series of mixers are powered mixers built into a compact and durable molded cabinet. Each Powerpod R has a built-in stereo amplifier which is bridgeable and patchable. Super Hi-Z inputs allow for the addition of guitars and other instruments. A USB recorder is also incorporated into the unit, allowing the main mix to be captured onto any standard USB storage device. The units also offer high definition digital effects with 16 preset programs, each with it's own user-definable parameter. The 3-band EQ on every channel and dual multi-band graphic EQ with selectable In/Out switches give you maximum control


Powerpod 740 R Manual (English / Español) (3,372 Kb) [Download]

Powerpod 740 R Data Sheet (English) (663 Kb) [Download]

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