MX 306

3-Channel DJ Mixer with BPM

  • Three phono, three Line and three Mic inputs
  • Talkover switch
  • Push button cueing with cue/program pan control
  • 3-band equalizer (-30dB to +15dB) and gain control on each program channel
  • Master and DJ booth output level control
  • Master output with balance control
  • LED output display for master and cue level
  • 12V BNC gooseneck lamp jack
  • Built-in power supply - no wall wart!
  • Ultra durable crossfader (replaceable)

The MX306 is a 3-channel mixer with a total of 9 inputs (3 phono, 3 Line and 3 Mic) and gain controls, complete with 3-band system EQ. The master level LED display and beat indicators (for easy synchronization) really put you in control of your music. Also featured are talkover switch, cue button, headphone jacks for monitoring and a 12V light jack. The MX306 is ideal for small-to-medium size clubs.


MX 306 Manual (3,338 Kb) [Download]

MX 306 Datasheet (23 Kb) [Download]