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AM 1204FX RW

4 Mic/Line, 2 Stereo Line Input Compact Mixer with DFX, USB Interface, Recorder and Wireless BT

  • Four mono mic/line channels with two stereo line inputs
  • Accepts balanced and unbalanced input connections
  • Four of Phonic's famously low-noise preamplifiers
  • Stereo audio interface for digital audio recording and playback
  • Plug-and-play compatibility with modern PC and Mac computers
  • 16-bit resolution at sampling rates of 48 kHz
  • Playback MP3 and WMA files directly from USB storage mediums
  • Record audio in MP3 format to USB flash drives
  • 2.4GHz audio streaming from BT-enabled smartphones
  • Channel soloing available on each input
  • Variable compressor on mono channels
  • Control room/Phones source matrix for monitor flexibility
  • EFX/AUX send cue for monitoring individual channels
  • Musical 3-band equalizer available on each and every channel
  • 75Hz low-cut filter on mono channel for removing rumble
  • 32-bit digital effect processor with 16 presets
  • Parameter control for adjusting each effect's individual parameter
  • Stereo RCA 2T Tape In and Rec Out
  • Global +48V phantom power
  • Stereo balanced XLR master outputs
  • ALT 3/4 mix for diverting signals from muted channels
  • Ideal for sub mixes, small performances and studio application
  • Universal power supply, accepting 100V to 240V AC

The AM1204FX RW compact mixers feature four mono microphone/line inputs in conjunction with two stereo line inputs for flexible input possibilities. Each channel features a super-musical 3-band equalizer, while mono channels also offer 75Hz low-cut filters for removing stage rumble and other unwanted low-frequency sounds. The AM1204FX RW features a 32-bit DFX processor with 16 preset effects - each with its own user-adjustable parameter! This new AM mixer is rounded off with a stereo USB audio interface that allows two tracks of audio to be streamed both to and from any modern PC or Mac computer. All mixers offer an addition ALT 3/4 mix that redirects muted signals from all channels to their very own mix. A universal power supply, accepting AC voltages from 100V to 240V, ensures the unit can be used globally.


User's Manual (English / Español) (4,632 Kb) [Download]

使用手册 (简体中文) (3,389 Kb) [Download]

Data Sheet (English) (1,272 Kb) [Download]

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