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Sound Ambassador 120

120 Watt Mobile PA System with 4-Channel Mixer

  • Active speaker with wireless mic slots and compact mixer
  • Luxury molded cabinet that can be used as a floor monitor or mounted as a raised sound reinforcement speaker
  • 2 wireless microphone receiver slots for optional wireless microphones
  • Flexible, stackable configuration (can be mounted on tripod or wall-mount kit)
  • Operates on DC or AC power
  • Less weight by switching power supply
  • 4 input channels including 2 mic preamps and 4 line inputs
  • Built-in mixer with independent Treble and Bass EQ for channel 1- 3
  • Separate channel with stereo RCA inputs for CD or tape player
  • 2-way speaker with 10" woofer and 1" compression tweeter
  • 120 Watts built-in power amplifier
  • Peak indicator on master control
  • Link out and speaker out features allowing connection to another active or passive
  • Amp in feature allows external signal to use the built-in power amplifier
  • Protection system including over-heat, speaker short circuit, limiting and HF speaker driver
  • AC source selected from 115VAC or 230VAC
  • Compatible with the Phonic S1 and S2 speaker mounts

The Sound Ambassador 120 is an active PA Speaker with a built-in 4 channel mixer boasting a 120 Watt power amplifier. The unit can be further customized to include two wireless UHF microphones. Other important features include XLR microphone inputs on channels 1 and 2, line input channels with 1/4" and XLR or RCA inputs - all with individual volume controls. A Link Out connector with a 1/4" phone jack and XLR jack enables two Sound Ambassadors to be linked together to further enhance your set up. Additional speakers can also be added to share the power from the amplifier through the Speaker Out jack. Channels 1 through 3 are topped off with 2-band EQs, and the unit further features master volume control, a built-in limiter, and protection circuitry. The DC power inlet allows the Sound Ambassador to be used in conjunction with portable battery packs, ensuring you're always able to use it - even when an AC power source is unavailable. All of these features combine to make the Sound Ambassador 120 a must-have for touring bands, clubs and karaoke.