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Weight: 5.19 lbs
Dimensions: 206mm(D) x 44.25mm(H) x 483mm(W)

PHA 8800

8-Channel High-Power Headphones Distribution Amplifier

  • Professional multi-purpose headphones amplifier system for stage and studio application
  • Eight totally independent stereo high-power amplifier sections in one rack space 
  • Two stereo main inputs for two independent mixes, accessible from all eight channels 
  • Eight independent direct inputs provide up to eighth individual stereo mixes 
  • Output level control and accurate LED output meter on every channel 
  • Mono/stereo switch per channel for more flexibility 
  • Direct input connector on each channel for easy connection of any sound source 
  • Paralleled outputs allow cascading of several headphones amplifiers 
  • Toroidal transformer for noiseless operation and low magnetic interference

An effective headphone mix can be the difference between a successful recording session and a complete failure. Phonic’s four-channel PHA4800 and eight-channel PHA8800 headphone amplifiers provide excellent sonic articulation, routing and mixing functions to ensure artists have the sound needed in their headphones. They offer multi-segment output meters for each output channel, as well as left/right muting for easy comparisons – just proving that your session can’t go wrong with a Phonic PHA headphone amp.