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Phonic announces more environmentally-friendly user manuals

by Steven Cheng

Phonic Corporation today announces plans to implement a new, environmentally-friendly system of providing instruction and literature to customers. Starting this month, select Phonic products will be shipped with new "Easy Manuals" – condensed manuals that provide vital instructions on operation. Comprehensive user manuals are still available in digital format through links provided on the Easy Manuals.

"For at least 2 decades, Phonic have been providing full user's manuals in each and every product," says Phonic Product Specialist, Grant Murray, "offering anything between 16 and 60 pages. When you stop and consider there were front and rear covers, index pages, blank pages, and much inconsequential data, the actual manual probably only consisted of 3 pages worth of information." He concludes, "The most important instructions have now been condensed and refined into simple, environmentally friendly guides."

Phonic's marketing team have calculated that, on average, the Easy Manuals use around 90% less paper than the traditional manuals. While majority of user manuals were printed on 100% renewable material, the Easy Manuals still help with environmental conservation two-fold: by reducing the amount of non-recycled paper waste while simultaneously using less resources for production.

"While we're determined to use less – and more environmentally sound – resources, this isn't a sign we're skimping on manuals," says Grant Murray. "Our Easy Manuals will now be printed in full color, with more succinct information to allow customers to immediately get started with the product."

Easy Manuals will be phased into Phonic productions from this month. All current manual stock will be exhausted before the Easy Manuals are implemented. Phonic would like to remind customers that the full, exhaustive manuals are still available at all times through the Phonic website. Stay tuned to for updates.

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