MAX 1500 Plus

900 Watt Power Amplifier

  • Advanced powerful performance 3rd generation circuitry design
  • Output power: 450W @ 4 ohms per channel, 280W @ 8 ohms per channel
  • Front mounted gain controls
  • High continuous current output from robust toroidal transformer
  • Switchable input peak limiter and selectable high pass filter (30Hz, 50Hz) to reduce distortion and protect speakers
  • Bridge mono and parallel mode LEDs
  • Fast Recovery design for lower distortion if clipping occurs
  • Very rugged housing
  • Active balanced inputs for low noise
  • Signal level at -40, -20, -10, protect and clip LED indicators to monitor performance
  • Ground Lift switch to prevent humming
  • Selectable stereo, parallel & bridge mono amp modes
  • Two ventilation variable speed fans
  • Speakon-type connectors and 5-way binding posts speaker outputs
  • XLR & 1/4" TRS connectors for maximum input flexibility
  • Requires two standard rack units for mounting
  • Fits a standard 19" rack

Phonic's MAX 1500 Plus Power Amplifier provides 280 Watts of power at 8 ohms (bridge mono) or 450 Watts at 4 ohms (stereo) - ideal for clubs, churches, auditoriums and more. Input to the MAX 1500 Plus amp is achieved via XLR or phone jack, and output is achieved either through Speakon-type connectors or traditional binding posts. The MAX 1500 Plus features ground switches, and the option to choose between stereo, parallel and bridge operating modes, making this amplifier ideal for real world application.


User's Manual (English / Español) (4,578 Kb) [Download]

Data Sheet (English) (264 Kb) [Download]

Bedienungsanleitung (Deutsch) (3,462 Kb) [Download]